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About Preferred Seating

Preferred Seating

633 Yosemite Drive
City, state:
Indianapolis, IN
Postal code:
46217 show map
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P.O. Box 17622
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United States
(866) 922-0226
(866) 922-0226
(317) 782-3909
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Frank Sumner

Theater seating and stadium seats by Preferred Seating. Attractive and functional auditorium seating, multipurpose theatre chairs, telescopic bleachers, bleachers, arena seating, bleacher seating, lecture room seats and church seating designs available.

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Products from Preferred Seating

Products from Preferred Seating
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Social distance seating: portable cubicle seating systems for multipurpose venues Designed with event basic safety and taking participant entertainment into account, this is the perfect solution to meeting the need for social distancing due to the pandemic. The portable cubicle seating system meets our aim as a business, to... Brochures     URL
Theater Seating Theater Seating that says enjoy the show!
Preferred Seating specializes in Theater Seating. The seat is an integral part of the theater's appearance. How to design theater seats without taking away from the performance is an important...
Brochures     URL
Elegant Auditorium Seating Auditorium Seating is our specialty!
Auditorium Seating is our specialty at Preferred Seating, from ergonomic designs using the most up to date building materials to renovated and used auditorium chairs, we have many styles to choose from. We...
Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Church Seating Elegant and Comfortable Church Seating!
Preferred Seating offers congregations comfort at an affordable price. From auditorium seating to pew combo individual modular seating and wood pew chairs, Preferred Seating offers varied church seating...
Brochures     URL
Lecture Room Seating Lecture Room Seating: high design and economical educational seating!
Our main function as a market leader is to provide quality educational seating, lecture and conference room seats and educational furniture. In addition to offering chairs of...
Brochures     URL
Movie Seating for the Home Theatre Movie Seating for the Home Theatre!
Watching a movie can be enhanced by the comfort of our movie theatre seating for your home. Our cinema seating will embrace your movie viewer in comfort while at the same time being practical. Cinema chairs...
Arena Seating Arena Seating: Arena Chairs, Portable Stadium Seating!
100% made in the U.S.A., Liberty and Tuf Stadium Seats. Preferred Seating is your stadium seating specialist whether your are planning a new facility or renovating an existing one....
Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Bleachers, Bleacher Seating Bleachers, Bleacher Seating!
Do your bleacher seats need a face lift? The physical discomfort of bleacher seats are now a thing of the past with our breakthrough stadium seat designs. Our engineers have developed affordable, attractive, and...
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