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Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Concealed Access Doors, a high-end architectural panel

Concealed Drop In Access Door - Circular/Radius/Square Corner
Concealed Drop In Access Door - Circular/Radius/Square Corner

Nystrom Inc announces the release of the Concealed Access Doors, a high-end architectural panel. The addition of the glass fiber reinforced (GFR) access panels adds another option for architectural applications, such as hotel lobbies, casinos, multi-tenant housing and government buildings.

The Concealed Access Doors are available in either a drop-in or hinged design with a square or radius corner or a circle for drop-in applications. The hinged design can be installed in ceiling and wall applications and is available with a cam latch or keyed lock.


  • Blends seamless into surrounding drywall
  • Eco Friendly
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Optional concealed hinge and lock options
  • Tapered edge for joint tape
  • Paint and texture ready
  • No shrinking, cracking, sagging or rusting
  • Mold and moisture resistant

For specialty applications, more information or to request a quote, please visit

Company: Nystrom

Product: Access Doors


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Kalwall Panels featured in “Amoeba Wall,” MIT design team’s award-winning project

Kalwall Panels featured in “Amoeba Wall,” MIT design team’s award-winning project

The Tomorrow’s Workplace 2016 design competition challenged teams of designers to define “how will offices enable workers to be the best they can be?” For one team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels offered the solution.

The competition was presented by Metropolis Magazine and Staples Business Advantage, a division of Staples Inc. Design
teams were tasked with creating an original piece of architecture that accommodated the needs of workers in terms of privacy, light, noise reduction and health.

Kalwall panels were an essential component of the design from MIT’s Changing Places group, giving it structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The design received an honorable mention.

The transformable wall employs robotics technology to create a hyper-efficient, dynamically reconfigurable structure. The innovative robotics and unmatched quality of Kalwall panels combine to create a flexible piece of architecture that accommodates a wide range of activities in a small space.

Kalwall has become the go-to option for translucent building systems, providing museum-quality daylighting™
with superior thermal packages.

Company: Kalwall Corporation

Product: Wall Systems


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Is polycarbonate the future of architecture?

EXTECH's LIGHTWALL polycarbonate facade for a residential home
EXTECH's LIGHTWALL polycarbonate facade for a residential home

A house in Spain recently caught our eye. Newly updated by Buyesc Arquitectes, the Spanish home’s south-facing wall is now clad with polycarbonate. The designer’s intent was to transform the home into a low-energy building - polycarbonate panels improve thermal efficiency by capturing solar energy and gradually transferring it indoors. Polycarbonate also provides excellent insulating value in the range of R-4 when compared to glass.

EXTECH has been touting the benefits of polycarbonate in commercial and industrial construction for years - its versatility, durability, and sustainable properties make it a superior glazing material for so many applications. Given its benefits for commercial building envelope systems, it makes sense that it is becoming a prominent façade material for single-family and multi-family housing. It also makes sense that polycarbonate will be an important building envelope choice for commercial construction in the upcoming decades.

Is polycarbonate the future of architecture? There is some interesting evidence that points to this trend:

  • A recent report by Grand View Research asserts that U.S. demand for polycarbonate was USD 15.24 billion in 2015, with the construction industry making up roughly a quarter of that demand. The report goes on to predict that the U.S. polycarbonate market will grow to more than USD 30 billion by 2024, with the demand from construction increasing as well. These numbers reflect other analyses that predict the polycarbonate industry will double on a global scale over the next decade.
  • The movement toward green construction extends beyond federal regulation – it is a moral obligation felt by many millennials. Dozens of start-ups have emerged in the U.S. and E.U. in recent years that focus on green technology for sustainable building construction. The grassroots coalition Architects Advocate wrote an open letter to President Trump asking for his support of the design industry’s commitment to addressing climate change. The movement toward environmentally-friendly design is expected to grow, and given polycarbonate’s sustainability properties (it is recyclable and lends itself to daylighting, which lowers energy usage) coupled with its durability, it is an ideal material in this vein.
  • In addition to Buyesc Arquitectes’ design mentioned above, there has been quite a bit of innovative construction in the past few years that utilizes polycarbonate. Just this month, DeZeen’s Lizzie Crook compiled a nice list of worldwide projects that use translucent polycarbonate panels; the project applications are wide-ranging and include sports halls, residential buildings, and art spaces. The intentions for incorporating polycarbonate differ – some designers were interested in polycarbonate’s unique aesthetic qualities ("sometimes the building blends with the sky, sometimes [it] is confused with the trees; at times the building seems to have its own light") while others liked the natural, diffused illumination polycarbonate daylighting offers. The reasons are myriad, but their designs are prominent and catching the attention of people around the globe.

Although polycarbonate has been used in building construction for 40+ years, there is still a great deal of potential for its use as a leading building envelope material. If the number of students that request system samples of our LIGHTWALL translucent walls and download our CAD and Specification files is any indication, then the future is going to include a lot of polycarbonate - we look forward to what tomorrow’s architects have to offer in the way of polycarbonate design.

Company: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.


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StonePly Success Story: Atlantis - The Cove

The largest stone clad building in the Caribbean meets the challenges of fast track schedule and hurricane proof construction
The largest stone clad building in the Caribbean meets the challenges of fast track schedule and hurricane proof construction

Sol Kerzner, resort entrepreneur, created a beautiful themed resort that features the lost city of Atlantis. StonePly was able to fabricate, deliver, and install over 144,000 square feet of custom exterior natural stone panels in The Cove Atlantis and The Reef Atlantis. These panels feature custom sawn and bush hammered textures to give the cladding depth and beauty.

Part of the reason for selecting StonePly for The Cove Atlantis was the success of the earlier cladding we supplied for Atlantis which survived numerous hurricanes, including one of which was a category 5, and has survived with minimal to no damage.

Customer's Needs

The customer needed a cladding that could both be used on the exterior and interior of the building, that matched the beauty of the resort, and added a high class feel to the resort. They were looking for a cladding that was easy to install, blended with the tropical feel of the resort, and minimized the disruption of the existing resort. The biggest challenge was to find a cladding that was impact resistant due to the weather that is inherent to the country.

StonePly Solution

StonePly was able to provide an impact resistant cladding that met the Miami requirements of hurricane resistance. The travertine was bonded to an aluminum honeycomb panel and attached using both Z-Clip extrusions and concealed screw attachments. All the attachments were attached in the field using #10 stainless steel TEK screws. Installation was completed on time and on budget by our qualified installation team.

StonePly was able to supply and install limestone panels that provided:

  • A luxurious stone cladding
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 60X the impact strength of slab stone
  • Low maintenance
  • Impact resistant

Project Details
Client: Kerzner International
Date: December 2007
Download Case Study

Company: StonePly Co.

Product: StonePly Curtain Walls


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Easily Earn AIA Learning Units | EXTECH, Inc.

Easily Earn AIA Learning Units | EXTECH, Inc.

Sign-up for a Toolkit to take EXTECH's registered CES course. Earn 1 LU and 1 HSW by completing. The Toolkit also lets you track and save downloads, easily order samples, and delivers a collection of tools from around the web in your sidebar.

Innovative Daylighting Solutions

Harness the power of natural light
EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer and designer of wall, window, skylight, canopy, and custom façade systems. We deliver solutions for a variety of industries and applications, and are committed to collaboration, innovation, and exceptional engineering.

Company: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.


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Case study: Otterbein University’s STEAM Innovation Center featuring Extech’s Lightwall 3000 series curtain wall system

Images by Andy Spessard Photography
Images by Andy Spessard Photography

A State-of-the-Art Renovation in Central Ohio

Project: Otterbein University’s STEAM Innovation Center
Location: Westerville, OH
Architect: Moody Nolan
General Contractor: Corna Kokosing
System: LIGHTWALL 3000

In a world where factory jobs are being replaced with smart technology and globalization has made the manufacturing industry increasingly competitive, Otterbein University saw an opportunity. The plan was to partner with leading organizations from the private and public sectors in central Ohio to build a hands-on curriculum focused on teaching – and innovating – cutting-edge skills in engineering, technology, science, and math. To achieve this, a laboratory that fostered experimentation and possessed state-of-the-art tools was necessary. To further complement the innovative facility, a state-of-the-art architectural design was developed.

The decision was made to renovate an older campus building in time for the 2016 fall semester, and with groundbreaking delayed into early 2016, the project timeline would be tight.  Moody Nolan architects had a unique design in mind – a multi-paneled, geometric façade that would deliver daylighting with minimized solar heat gain and glare. Their plan was to use a curtain wall that could incorporate metal, polycarbonate, and glass that delivered diffused daylight with visual clarity in key locations.

EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3000 series curtain wall system was selected for the project because it is one of the few that properly accommodates both polycarbonate and glass glazing within the same system. This is accomplished by using deep glazing pockets and low friction gaskets that allow for the thermal movement of polycarbonate, while still providing superior water and air infiltration performance.

To create Moody Nolan’s distinctive geometric design, EXTECH fabricated a new horizontal mullion that allowed for the inclusion of non-continuous vertical framing members. The new mullion “flushed out” the interior surface of the system and allowed it to span up to 8 feet between vertical mullions – typical span lengths are only 4-5 feet. It also allowed for the application of point loads from vertical framing members without additional structural reinforcing - horizontals typically deliver their loads to verticals.

The STEAM Innovation Center’s “wire-cutting” (a technology pun on “ribbon-cutting”) was just in time for Otterbein’s fall semester. All told, the center is a 61,000 square foot building that provides classes and training in areas such as 3D printing, advanced electronics, metal and machinery, and also provides office space for lease. If you would like to learn more about this project or EXTECH's LIGHTWALL 3000, please contact us.

Company: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.

Product: Translucent Walls


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An Introduction to Access Covers

An Introduction to Access Covers

Contemporary architecture strives to be seamless, high performance and flexible. As a result this requires intelligent and creative solutions to servicing these spaces. Integrated strategies for the provision of power, communication, data and HVAC are essential. Howe Green products enable this integration to happen.

Served vs Servant - a concept first coined by AIA and RIBA gold medalist Louis Khan, a great 20th century architect.

Our raison d'être
Here at Howe Green we take inspiration from Khan and have a range of products which enable the architectural greats of today to realize their vision. Contemporary architecture strives to be seamless, high performance and flexible. As a result this requires intelligent and creative solutions to servicing these spaces. Integrated strategies for the provision of power, communication, data and HVAC are essential. Howe Green products enable this integration to happen. The introduction of innovative solutions to building services such as voids, suspended ceilings, raised floors, false walls, service chases and service cores are a direct result of the commercial incentive of maximizing the usable space within a building. However these strategies require access, which is where Howe Green's products are used.

Types of access cover

The access covers generally fall under three types, those mounted on walls, those fitted in a ceiling system and floor based products. These systems can be used internally and externally. Howe Green products are used across the globe in challenging environments, the products have been put to use in commercial offices, transport hubs, public spaces, retail and residential architecture. It is a versatile family of products that address the requirement for high quality, accessible service space.

Types of access cover

What can we do for you?
"Design for the present with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown" Norman Foster. Howe Green's systems aim to add value to the architecture in which it is installed; they allow for flexibility in future demands by allowing ease of access for service updates and ease of maintenance for existing service infrastructure.

Ease of use
Howe Green Access Covers are supplied with clear and legible installation guides ideal for contractors unfamiliar with our products. The "Buildability Factor" is considered at every stage. Crucial in installation, where the access covers have a low level of complexity, are generally built to standardized construction dimensions and reduce the level of risk for the contractors fitting the product - a responsibility that must be upheld by the principle designer, client and suppliers under HSE and CDM 2015 regulations.

Howe Green is a responsive company that understands the design, construction and operational process and just how fast changes occur. As an established company we have the resources invested in cutting edge C.N.C. equipment to respond to these changes rapidly; Howe Green stock products are dispatched the same day, whilst bespoke items have a 7-10 day lead time.

The fabrication and manufacture of our products is heavily influenced by sustainability; the process minimizes waste material and guarantees a precise tolerance finish for a high performance product. This ensures a quality product is delivered to the correct level of specification every time.

Howe Green's products are integrated into the BIM workflow for architects, specifiers, clients, contractors and even facilities management. This allows for the products to be introduced at concept design stage through to retrospective fittings in operation and management, which has happened recently for one of our client's – the Eagle Church Campus situated in Indiana, USA.

This high level of integration allows for costing, schedules, performance analysis all to be undertaken and documented through the whole lifespan of the design, procurement, facilities management and operation and maintenance of Howe Green's products.

Company: Howe Green US


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Solutions for the entire building façade

Solutions for the entire building façade

Say hello to urban solutions

Wherever you look, you will find us. Out of an office window. Walking into a shop. Looking up at an apartment building. Our range of solutions – from curtain walls and windows, to entrances, framing systems and architectural panels – are everywhere you need them to be, offering infinite possibilities in design, development and performance. We are here.

Explore our dynamic array of innovative solutions for new construction and renovation, like the all new MetroView™ window wall. Learn more about Kawneer and Traco windows featuring the high-performing OptiQ™ windows, GLASSvent™ UT windows and the Traco NX-4000 series. Wrap your imagination around the stylish and functional exterior/interior cladding design solutions of Reynobond/Reynolux panels.


Company: Kawneer Co., Inc.


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Acoustical Walls, Ceilings and Special Applications

Acoustical Walls, Ceilings and Special Applications

Tectum ™ Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Panels Easy to work with and install, Tectum Interior Panels are commonly used in new construction, retrofits and anywhere acoustic absorption, style and toughness are needed. They absorb sound and are tough enough to stand up to daily abuse in high-traffic, heavy-use areas. Natural, painted, printed with your gr aphics or covered in fabric, they provide an attractive, durable finish in any interior application. Manufactured at the Tectum Inc. plant in Newark, Ohio, for over 65 years, Tectum Products stand the test of time.

Tectum Acoustical Panels are composed of aspen wood fibers, bonded with an exclusive inorganic hydraulic cement binder and formed in a continuous process under heat and pressure. As a result, physical characteristics usually obtained only with a combination of several separate building materials are found in Tectum Products: excellent sound absorption, abuse resistance, a decorative textured interior finish — all in a single, structurally strong yet lightweight product. All Tectum Products are Class A/Class I, with a flame spread of 0 , in accordance with ASTM E- 84 .

Hard, reflective surfaces, multiple noise sources and the need to hear and be understood are the primary reasons that good acoustics are a critical part of any good design. All Tectum Products can be factory or field painted without impacting acoustical performance.

New Products in the Tectum Interior Line

Panel Art

A variety of pre-fabricated shapes encourage custom artistic expression. Create a unique statement wall that absorbs noise and is tough enough for schools.

Line Design

Combine all of the acoustic performance and toughness you expect from Tectum Products with the added interest of textural design options created by straight line v-cut grooves.

Tectum Acoustical Roof Deck

For an economical, environmentally responsible structural acoustical roof deck, Tectum Inc. offers a full line of Roof Deck options. To explore the design options for the building envelope, see our Roof Deck Catalog online.

Company: Tectum Inc.


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5 Crazy Modern Glass Wall Partition Ideas for a Loft Apartment

Urban loft spaces in trendy areas like Victorian Village in Columbus or Little Italy in Cleveland can be cool but not if they are dark and have closed in spaces. One challenge of loft apartment housing is how to create a light open space while creating visual separations between rooms. Once excellent way to do this is through the use of distinctive modern glass block wall partitions.

Glass blocks have moved on from its traditional roots to now incorporated fun and vibrant colors and eye-popping textured looks which stand out in your modern home. Check out these 5 cool ideas to move light through the inside of your loft while providing privacy and an interesting look which can be as unique as you are.

5 Crazy Modern Glass Wall Partition Ideas for a Loft Apartment

Idea #1 – Adding shape and texture to your glass privacy walls

If you go to sleek modern hotels like “The W” you’ll see ample use of textured walls. I am now seeing this trend in textured ceramic wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. But one application which is just now getting known is the use of textured glass partition walls to separate rooms. These walls are fun because they not only move the light between spaces – but they literally extend into a room to create a sense of texture and excitement. There are patterns with horizontal flutes and even a pyramid type of look which juts out into the space. Very fun!

Idea #2 – The glass brick partition wall

When you think of bricks I bet the image which comes to your mind is the traditional red brick building more associated with life in the suburbs or old industrial buildings. While there is nothing wrong with the suburban red brick look (and some exposed red brick walls can look cool in an urban contemporary space) a ceramic brick cannot move light through walls. This is where the glass brick partition comes in. This hip, upscale material comes in clear, bronze, black or an aqua blue colors and beautifully (and colorfully) moves light while creating a steady and attractive wall partition.

Idea #3 – Illumination in unexpected places   

What makes loft apartment housing more difficult is you rarely find windows on more than two sides (note: this is because overall plan layout tends to be vertically oriented with one apartment next to another with interior walls separating spaces). This makes the need to be creative with your illumination strategies critical. While natural lighting is always tops on the list – finding other ways to transmit light also needs to be incorporated into your plan. Check out this lofted apartment space which added lighting under the raised section for an alternative lighting approach. It’s creative and unique.

Idea #4 – Fun colors in small spaces

Let’s face it, part of the reason you’re moving to the city is to have more fun. Being able to jump out of your apartment and take in an Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns or Columbus Blue Jackets game on a whim. The urban lifestyle enables you to enjoy the vibrancy of the city without the hassle of cutting a lawn – every again (yes!). That’s the nice part about city life. The tougher part is you don’t have the sprawling inside space you once enjoyed. Tighter loft spaces require more thoughtful design – both with respect to lighting and the use of color. Smaller urban spaces beg for more personality than what you had in the ‘burbs. Whether you’re working with an interior designer or using your own creative inspiration think about adding some eye-popping color to your design. Now is the time to dump the boring beige tones you were captive to in the ‘burbs! 

Idea #5 – Shape can be your friend

Who ever said all the walls had to be straight and rectangular? They must have been designing those cookie-cutter McMansions in the suburbs in the late 1990’s. Whether you’re looking at drywall or glass walls why not add some curvature or even a fun serpentine design. The glass block wall below used an S- shaped serpentine designs with one of a kind glass tile block accents. It’s certainly not going to be confused for boring!  


To my way of thinking I see cool, contemporary glass and the downtown urban loft apartment vibe as natural partners of one another. What do you think about the use of glass (or glass block or bricks) textured or colored walls to add some fun, light and interest to your space? If you have any questions feel free to call the numbers or comment below.

For assistance with modern glass or glass block or brick partition walls (which can be prefabricated to your specifications) call Innovate Building Solutions on a nationwide basis 877-668-5888. For a local installation or supply project Cleveland Glass Block (216-531-6363) or Columbus Glass Block (614-252-5888) can help.

Company: Innovate Building Solutions

Of: Mike Foti


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Interior Acoustical Finalé Wall Panels

Tectum Finalé Interior Panels add extra noise absorption and contribute positively to the LEED certification program. With abuse resistance and the highest possible sound absorption, Tectum Finalé is the ideal design solution.

Interior Acoustical Finalé Wall Panels

Tectum Finalé panels are a high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) solution for spaces that require acoustic dampening. A composite of Tectum Panels, Tectum spacer strips and MinWool-1200®, Finalé panels have an NRC of .85 to 1.00 and a Class A interior finish.

Whenever a space calls for the highest possible sound absorption, and anywhere activities demand abuse-resistant panels, Tectum Finalé panels are an unmatchable design solution.

MinWool is high-density, noncombustible insulation made of organic Basalt (Volcanic Rock) fibers. MinWool absorbs noise while resisting moisture, mold, mildew and fungi growth.

MinWool-1200® is a registered trademark of Johns Manville.

Company: Tectum Inc.


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The future of insulated wall panels has arrived

Sto Panels are the next generation of exterior wall panels, delivering superior energy ef ciency and performance along with beauty and ease of installation.
Sto Panels are the next generation of exterior wall panels, delivering superior energy ef ciency and performance along with beauty and ease of installation.

Sto, the leader in wall cladding systems, now offers the most advanced technology in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions. Our systemized approach to panelized construction offers many benefitts over traditional precast panels, including speed, value and superior performance. Sto Panels are lightweight, energy efficient and durable, and are available in a wide variety of aesthetic options. The technical design expertise of experienced panelizers and the service you expect from Sto make Sto Panels the preferred choice for new construction as well as renovation projects.


  • Pre-determined and carefully controlled installation time.
  • Increased productivity as a result of experienced fabricators.
  • Construction schedule compression: panels can be manufactured while your site is being excavated and are ready for installation as soon as the site is ready.
  • Reduced onsite clutter and interference (i.e., scaffolding and debris).


  • Lower structural requirements than precast due to lightweight prefabrciated panels.
  • Reduced jobsite manpower needed for exterior wall installation.
  • Jobsite scaffolding unnecessary for exterior wall installation.


  • Precisely engineered prefabricated panels and connections.
  • Quality controlled fabrication: skilled craftsmen fabricate panels in a climate-controlled environment and materials adhere to strict manufacturers’ recommendations (including temperature and humidity requirements) under a stringent QA/QC program.
  • Extensive shipping protection prevents damage to the panels’ factory-precise finish.
  • Code compliant systems.
  • Single source warranty.
  • Experienced panel installers.

Sto Panel Technology - Panel Assembly Animation

Design Freedom and Versatility

Sto Panel Technology helps transform architectural vision into reality in a sustainable, integrated solution

Sto Panel systems are available in a range of beautiful, durable finish options. Choose from Sto’s proven line of architectural coatings and textured finishes, metal panels, thin brick veneer or precast concrete. With factory application of materials you can count on a consistent, high quality finish that will last.

Sto Architectural Coatings and Finishes
Sto has you covered in a wide range of beautiful, durable finishes for a strong, flexible layer of protection. Our finishes are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities to meet extremely strict quality control standards, contain pure white marble aggregate and 100% acrylic polymers, and come in virtually unlimited colors.

Specialty Finishes
Sto’s line of artistic, protective nishes provide the look you want including brick, granite, stone, limestone and metal panels.

Featuring the Lotus-Effect, a patented breakthrough technology modeled on the unique self-cleaning lotus leaf, Sto Lotusan nishes and coatings are incomparable to any exterior product on the market. Like the lotus leaf, the nish is rinsed clean with rainfall, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Company: Sto Corp.


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Make your buildings look good with uniquely designed polycarbonate products for building exteriors

Translucent Walls, Skylights, Canopies, Windows, Mortarless glass block, Interiors, Custom Facades, Porcelain Systems
Translucent Walls, Skylights, Canopies, Windows, Mortarless glass block, Interiors, Custom Facades, Porcelain Systems

Cellular Polycarbonate Specialists

EXTECH specializes in the use of cellular polycarbonate for its host of benefits including daylighting, energy savings, superior impact resistance and insulation properties.

We provide a variety of translucent wall and interior panels, windows, skylights, and canopies for industrial and commercial clients. We also provide mortarless glass block systems and porcelain walls for use in outdoor rain/windscreens or interior applications, both of these products are extremely resistant to vandalism.

All of our products are designed for ease of installation and maintenance, including 10 year manufacturer warranties. Our group of dedicated staff who "like to build things" are also happy to provide custom facade work based on over 35 years of award-winning engineering excellence.

Our Product Lines

  • Polycarbonate walls
  • Polycarbonate windows and skylights for industrial or architectural use. Our skylights are capable of incomparable spans, without leaks.
  • Mortarless glass block and porcelain walls, perfect for windscreens, transit stations/shelters
  • Custom facades and building envelope

We make you AND your buildings look good
with our uniquely designed polycarbonate products for building exteriors

The Many Uses and Benefits of Cellular Polycarbonate

  • Diffused daylighting saves on energy costs, prevents glare and provides optimum visibility
  • High Levels of Impact Resistance
  • Lightweight material demands less structural support and requires less energy to operate when used as doors
  • Highly insulating with values up to U-.25 (R-4) for 40 mm thick panels
  • 100% Recyclable panels and aluminum framing is LEED Credit friendly
  • Panels can be cold formed to a radius, unlike glass
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranties
  • The most advanced aluminum perimeter framing systems in the industry in a wide range of finishes
  • Air/water/structural testing

Company: EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.


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Glass Shower & Tub Enclosures by Fleurco

Glass Shower & Tub Enclosures by Fleurco

If you're looking for a unique glass shower or tub enclosure for any style of home the Fleurco line is a must see. Product lines vary from a high end frameless intelligent hinged system, a mid priced semi-frameless sliding or pivot door to a low priced value line. There is an option to fit any budget or bathroom design style.


In the Fleurco line there are many choices of shower stall and bases to choose from. Here's some of the benefits that make this line through The Bath Doctor unique:

Innovative systems for any budget. Many people want a unique design but at an affordable price. Fleurco product lines vary from a high end frameless intelligent hinged system, a mid priced semi-frameless sliding or pivot door to a low priced value line.

Curved, round, square, rectangular and neo angle acrylic bases to fit any space. Whether you've got a small bathroom which requires a corner or alcove shower stall or a larger space, there is a pan to fit your bathroom décor.

Superior hardware design for better long term performance & reduced maintenance costs. Quality hardware and European inspired rolling and hinge systems create unique looks combined with smooth performance.

Flexibility to use standard sized pans with multiple wall systems. The broad Fleurco line combines 9 standard shaped bases (available in many sizes) with different priced swinging and sliding doors – mix and match to create a cool, contemporary, sleek or traditional bath decor.

Multiple uses - From tub & shower enclosures to screens to walk in shower stalls to offices & partitions. This line has a wall and base system for most any design.

Nationwide supply and regional installation services available from a company you can trust. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won service awards through Angie's List and Consumer Choice through our parent corporation.

Free selection and installation assistance. Take the guess-work out– we can help select the right product and install your system (regionally) or supply your system (nationally).

Nationwide Shipping. No hidden shipping fees or costs. We ship anywhere in the United States – from Washington to Texas to New York to Florida.

Company: Bath Doctor


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Architects Inspiration Handbook for Glass applications in commercial interiors

AvantiSystemsUSA supplies and installs a family of architectural glass wall and glass door systems. Inspired by European interior design, Avanti glass systems profile a slim line appearance with frame-less panels and sleek metallic hardware.

Architects Inspiration Handbook for Glass applications in commercial interiors

Download the Avanti Systems Inspiration eBook for more design ideas.

Company: Avanti Systems USA


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The Feng Shui of Kalwall

The Feng Shui of Kalwall

Inspired by Feng Shui – the Chinese art of positioning structures to harmonize with spiritual forces – the architects of the Piscine Du Fort swimming pool in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France chose a Kalwall® wall system of Kalcurve® panels to be a key piece of the design.

Principals Salwa and Selma Mikou of the architectural firm Mikou Studio said they designed the swimming pool hall “as a brightly-lit, peaceful space suitable for relaxation, in which the filtered light from the (Kalwall) facade accentuates the `light box’ effect.”

The fluidity and openness of the swimming pool hall is made possible through the use of Kalwall’s translucent sandwich panels at the entrance of the pool. Museum-quality daylighting™ that is glare free allows natural light to bathe over the entrance and an adjacent ramp that connects the pool to the rooftop lounge area.

The ramp’s curved design makes the building feel more streamlined, and the use of the Kalwall wall panel is central to that effect. The panels can be easily molded while still maintaining their diffuse light properties.

Company: Kalwall Corporation


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Restaurant Ceiling Tiles

Restaurant Ceiling Tiles

Shop 100's of Drop in Ceiling Tiles (metal or PVC), Nail up Ceiling Tiles (metal) or Glue up Ceiling Tiles (PVC)

Restaurant, bistro, cafe, or snack shop: no matter what you call your commercial dining establishment, decorative ceiling tiles are the perfect way to create the atmosphere you want to portray. We even have great restaurant ceiling tiles for pubs, taverns, and inns. And whether you serve Italian, Greek, Japanese, Moroccan, Ethiopian, or any type of fusion cuisine, we have a restaurant ceiling tile design that will fit in perfectly with your theme. Choose any type of installation for your restaurant ceiling tiles, including drop-in, glue-up, or nail-up methods.

We have restaurant ceiling tiles to match every type of flavor. Tex-Mex? Try our Longhorn custom tin ceiling tile. Wine bar? Choose from Guardian Cherub, Grecian Urn, or Tuscan Glory. Asian Fusion? Select a restaurant ceiling tile from our line of EcoTiles, a brand of environmentally-friendly restaurant tiles made from 100% natural bamboo pulp.

For an upscale impression, choose from our line of plush and rich-looking faux-leather tiles or our glamorous real aged copper restaurant kitchen ceiling tiles. Each ceiling tile fits quite nicely in any restaurant setting.

For a chic bistro, try a faux-tin or real tin restaurant ceiling tile for the look of today. You will get the same beautiful look at a fraction of the cost.

Styles range from clean and sophisticated to classic Art Deco to mysterious and intriguing. Shop online and find the right restaurant ceiling tile that says something about your dining establishment.

We have restaurant kitchen ceiling tiles that are Class A fire-rated, tiles that absorb sound, and tiles that are ecologically friendly. And we have glue-up tiles that will cover an old acoustic ceiling as well as drop-in tiles that will fit into almost all existing grid systems. Our assortment of restaurant kitchen ceiling tiles will give your restaurant, bistro, cafe, or snack shop character. Every restaurant ceiling tile pattern is unique, so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

No matter what your theme, cuisine, or decor, there’s sure to be a beautiful restaurant ceiling tile to match! We also offer decorative ceiling tiles for your home. Give us a call toll-free at 1-866-297-0380 and buy your restaurant ceiling tiles today!

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Continuous Insulation (ci) Systems

The world-class building-science experts at Sto continue to lead the way in advancing energy efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal. Today’s energy codes and regulations reflect many of the design principles embodied in our Continuous Insulation (ci) Systems, and the proven performance of Sto’s next-generation EIFS appeals to designers, contractors and owners alike.

StoTherm® ci Wall Systems (EIFS)

Integrated Wall Systems that deliver the best in performance, sustainability and design flexibility
Sto’s next-generation StoTherm® ci systems integrate the following key elements: continuous insulation (ci), an air/moisture barrier, drainage and a variety of textured finish options to create a superior, sustainable wall cladding. This high-performing, eye-catching system saves energy and stays attractive for years. StoTherm® ci improves indoor comfort and air quality while maintaining maximum curb appeal and lowering overall life-cycle costs.

Key Components of the Sto Continuous Insulation (ci) System
Key Components of the Sto Continuous Insulation (ci) System

System Features

High R-Value
Continuous insulation with high R-values provides significant energy cost savings by eliminating thermal bridging.

Code Approved
Complies with both ICC and IECC code requirements for continuous insulation.

Outbound Dew Point
Prevents condensation and freeze damage by placing the dew point outside the stud wall cavity.

Reduced Structural Loads
StoTherm® claddings are very lightweight, resulting in reduced structural cost requirements.

No Mechanical Fasteners
No penetrating nails or screws to attach the insulation means no thermal bridging.

Low Maintenance Cost
Coatings and finishes with advanced acrylic and Lotus-Effect technologies resist dirt pickup, peeling and cracking.

Lowest Life-Cycle Cost
StoTherm® ci claddings have the lowest life cycle costs compared to non-insulated brick and stucco claddings.

Premium Finishes & Coatings
Sto high performance finishes and coatings provide superior weatherability and resistance to UV fading, mold and mildew.

Explore the Continuous Insulation Configuration Tool to help guide you to what products are right for your project.

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Hurricane Roof Equipment Screens

All louvered panels open for full access to the air handling unit. Sight proof from horizontal and below.
All louvered panels open for full access to the air handling unit. Sight proof from horizontal and below.

Hurricane louvers can be used as vision barriers to hide mechanical equipment and other unsightly items. These Florida Miami-Dade certified louvers are impact and high wind tested louvers that attach directly to structural framing (by others) on a rooftop or other locations where you need view blocking.


Since the typical line of sight is from the ground on most buildings, a horizontal blade equipment screen will have the blades inverted to eliminate all sight-through from ground level. A variety of finishes are available from our Equipment Screens Finishes selection chart. Roof screens can be painted with a baked enamel or Kynar 500 finish, or anodized aluminum. A variety of standard colors are available. Custom colors can be selected by sending us a color chip. We will use our computer color match system to precisely match the equipment screen color to other building facade components.

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Where Champions Train: Kalwall® Lights Up Broncos’ Indoor Facility

Where Champions Train: Kalwall® Lights Up Broncos’ Indoor Facility

Top-flight training facilities are a must for any professional sports team and that is certainly true for cold-weather teams in the National Football League. And when it comes to training facilities, the Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos have one of the best.

The 115,000 square-foot field house, which features a full-sized football field, was part of a $37 million project that prominently features Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels.

Kalwall is a preferred partner for architects and contractors when it comes to indoor sports facilities because of its natural daylighting qualities, durability and flexibility. Kalwall panels allow diffuse natural daylight to provide optimal training conditions.

The Broncos’ field house, for example, has three viewing towers, ranging from 48- to 78-feet high, for cameras to record practice. The glare-free Kalwall panels provide the right kind of light for recording.

Powers Products of Denver, Colo., and Cheyenne, Wyo., is the regional distributor of Kalwall products and was able to perform daylight modeling for the Broncos field house to achieve the ultimate in balanced, glare-free, Museum-quality DaylightingTM.

Company: Kalwall Corporation


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