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Accuride Integrated Access Solutions: The New Frontier of Access Control

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions: The New Frontier of Access Control

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions: The New Frontier of Access Control

While known for premium drawer slides, Accuride is also a major leader in access control solutions. Our electronic locking systems are found in many cabinet-level applications, from medical carts to inventory systems, and in countless industries, from automotive to healthcare.

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions (AIAS) feature “Intelligent Subversion Protection”: multi-sensor systems that utilize onboard logic and two-way communication. These advanced systems verify that an application, such as a parcel locker or a CSA schedule drug cart, is truly secure.

Better still: Accuride access solutions are energy-efficient, silent, and emit little heat.

An Adaptable Solution

An Adaptable SolutionAnother great aspect of Accuride Integrated Access Solutions is their adaptability. Each solution is tailored to fit a customer’s needs, fitting all sorts of ancillary systems: RFID, biometric, keypad, retinal scanning, etc.

We’ve found our customers often need their solutions to comply with strict standards and certifications, such as those from the FDA, FAA, and HIPPA. Luckily, Accuride’s global team of specialists are thoroughly experienced in compliance.

A Compact Wonder

A Compact WonderCutting-edge electronic locks are a key component of Accuride Integrated Access Solutions. Each e-lock is the embodiment of efficiency, utilizing a lean, compact, low-profile design and consuming no more than 50mA per 200mS on 12v of power.

Don’t let their size fool you: Accuride e-locks can resist hundreds of pounds of break-force.

Subtlety is Key

Another key aspect of Accuride Integrated Access Solutions is their subtlety. Each solution is meant to become part of the application, not an addition to it. Whether that application is a DNA analysis machine or a tool checking system, each Accuride solution works as part of the core design.

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Learn how Accuride brought a new measure of access control and efficiency to a Next-Gen medical systemLearn how Accuride brought a new measure of access control and efficiency to a Next-Gen medical system

That’s because Accuride engineers work closely with partners to achieve that seamless integration. From the conceptual stage to final production, Accuride technicians are there to make sure everything works flawlessly.

For more on Accuride Integrated Access Solutions, visit our dedicated page and speak to one of our experts today.

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4 Tips to Plan for Packages

4 Tips to Plan for Packages

Between available floor or outdoor space, accessibility requirements, and local USPS rules, there’s plenty to consider when planning a mail area for postal delivery. Throw in package management on top of that and it can seem overwhelming. Never fear. We’ve got four simple tips to help you plan for packages like a pro in your centralized mailbox installation design.

1. Provide one package locker for every six mailboxes (1:6)

The USPS requires that you include one package locker for every 10 mailboxes. So, why do we suggest one in six? Simple: the rise of online shopping has created—and continues to create—huge growth in shipping. To ensure adequate space for packages in your centralized mailbox installation now and into the future, we recommend one in six.

Plus, with spikes during certain times of the year like the holiday season, more package lockers mean less hassle for residents, property management personnel, and delivery staff.

2. Provide various package locker sizes

Packages come in all shapes and sizes, but not every mail area has a ton of room to spare. By mixing up the package compartment sizes, you can maximize your use of space, while still accommodating various package sizes.

Standard Florence package lockers are designed to fit 95% of USPS Priority Mail package sizes!

3. Know your options

When it comes to package management, there are several solutions available.

  • Stand-alone parcel lockers: These units complement Standard-4C mailboxes and Cluster Box Unit mailboxes, both of which are current USPS-specified cluster mailboxes.
  • Built-in parcel lockers: STD-4C and CBU mailboxes come with convenient built-in parcel lockers for more seamless integration.

If you’re not sure which would work best with your project, contact an Authorized Florence Dealer for help!

4. Know the benefits

Sure, it’s nice if a letter carrier delivers a package directly to your door. But what if you work? Or what if you’re out running errands when they come?

Parcel lockers provide a secure place for packages when you’re not available, and can save you a trip to the Post Office®. Florence’s key-trapping lock and rugged construction protect packages from theft, as well as the elements. After all, who wants to come home to a package drenched from rain or, worse, missing entirely? Not us!

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