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2019 July

2019 July

Floor access doors for finished flooring

July 30, 2019

BILCO offers a complete line of floor doors that are designed to accept flooring and paving materials, making them virtually hidden in finished flooring areas. Products are available to receive composition tile, carpeting, or architectural flooring materials up to 1" (25 mm) in thickness.

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5 Revolving door safety tips to avoid injury with public users

July 29, 2019

Revolving doors create modern entrances that reduce energy and save businesses space. But, as with any entrance that is used by the public, there are some implications to consider for creating the safest experience possible. Consider 5 safety tips for the safest revolving door entry.

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What to Look for to Find the Best Poolside Planters and Plants

July 26, 2019

There are a lot of considerations to make when finding the best poolside planters – from plants that don’t make a mess out of your pool to planters that can withstand the wear and tear of permanently residing beside a splash zone. Ideally, you want to avoid plants that clutter the outskirts of your pool with weeds and leaves that’ll clog your filters, because the last thing you want is additional maintenance. But before we get into the best poolside plants, we are going to take a look at the best poolside planters. After all, where you house your plants is just as important as the plant itself.

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How Laser Cutting Works

July 25, 2019

We use and see products each day that may go unnoticed. Ever wonder how your piece of metal — with the precision cuts and intricate designs that make it a unique piece of craftsmanship — became that piece of metal? The short answer is a machine capable of quick, efficient and consistent cuts. In short, you can thank the evolution of laser cutting machines and laser cutting services. These advancements have led to significant growth in the industry. As of 2016, laser cutting accounted for the largest share of the metal cutting market. Market analysis and segment forecasts expect this trend to continue over the years. Coco Architecture uses laser cutting in our all-inclusive custom metal fabrication facility. We’ll take a look at what laser cutting involves, the transition to fiber laser cutting, how we implement it at Coco, and go into detail about the benefits of laser cutting.

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Package volume increase means greater need for automated lockers

July 23, 2019

Whether you are a retailer who ships orders to customers, or a multi-family property receiving those packages for your residents, you can attest to the continued increase in the amount of packages being sent. Both retailers and multi-family property owners are meeting this challenge head on by utilizing automated locker systems as part of their solution. With a secure location for packages that can be accessed 24/7, automated locker users appreciate the convenience of retrieving their packages on their own schedule. But how do you determine how many automated lockers are needed per delivery?

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Acoustical design for open spaces with creative alternatives to suspended ceilings

July 22, 2019

The design opportunities presented by modern open spaces create a unique set of challenges when it comes to acoustics. Influences as diverse as the creative reuse of factories to the benefits of daylighting have contributed to the popularity of open plenums, exposed structures and the use of glass, wood, metal, polished concrete and other acoustically reflective materials.

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To lead with climate action, architects can start by reducing emissions

July 19, 2019

To lead on climate action, architects can start by reducing emissions with zero net carbon buildings. Ed Mazria, FAIA, describes how Architecture 2030’s ZERO Code is a pathway to zero net carbon in new construction

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Custom bollards for function and form

July 17, 2019

Bollards—those short posts that guide traffic and protect perimeters—can be highly visible hazard markers. The simplest security bollards are made of yellow-painted steel pipe. Around utilities, or at drive through windows, bollards may be covered in bright plastic and ringed with strips of reflective tape. However, in more formal settings, bollards can be chosen to complement the landscape or architecture.

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Don't let birds ruin your solar panel investment

July 15, 2019

How do you protect solar panels from animals? Unprotected solar panel arrays will experience damage from birds and other animals; it’s not a matter of 'if', but rather 'when'. Luckily, protecting your solar panels from animals is as simple as installing a solar panel bird deterrent system.

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The no-tile, tile shower & bathroom wall panels – 5 reasons you need to check them out

July 12, 2019

What’s nice with laminated wall panels is you can get the realism of tile and blow up the additional costs and time of maintenance. With these panels you can get larger format tile sizes with small faux grout joints you never have to clean.

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Black Aluminum Cable Railing

July 10, 2019

With mirror-finish columns, geometric shapes, and dark rails, this backyard patio and pool area has a strong contemporary presence that stands out dramatically against fields of grass and stone.

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Providing solar control for oddly-shaped windows

July 8, 2019

While a window with a trapezoidal or other custom shape can be a stunning addition to a building’s aesthetic, it can also create problems for solar control. Standard rectangular shades and blinds aren’t designed for this need. But we have a few solutions. Here are five ways to provide solar control for odd-shaped windows.

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Shielding solutions you can look through: leaded glass and leaded acrylic

July 5, 2019

In the last article I wrote on radiation shielding materials, I explored the factors considered by a shielding materials expert when designing radiation shielding. Lead, tungsten and concrete are all very effective forms of shielding that have their advantages and disadvantages, but one downside is these materials are not transparent. Two common and reliable solutions to provide safe shielding; lead X-Ray glass or clear lead acrylic. Both materials are used in variety of application, from windows in NDT Rooms, to small windows on tungsten vial shields. While lead glass is typically more economical than acrylic, both are materials that a shielding materials expert would consider when presented with the challenge of creating transparent radiation shielding.

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Achieve Sustainability Goals with Hollowcore Roof and Floor Systems

July 5, 2019

For architects and engineers, sustainable construction is no longer a buzz word – it makes sense. According to the National Precast Concrete Association, sustainable construction refers to meeting present day needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations. Following sustainable construction practices reduces our environmental impact, improves air quality for communities, and can lower operating costs for buildings. In addition, sustainability focuses on building long lasting infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ most recent report card gives America’s infrastructure a D+ grade.

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Foam Crown Molding

July 3, 2019

When it comes to finishing any home ceiling or room remodeling project, nothing beats crown molding. But many homeowners avoid crown molding because it is expensive and difficult to work with. Decorative Ceiling Tiles has a line of ceiling moldings that will solve the problem of expensive and difficult crown molding. Our decorative foam products look just like the real thing, but they make installation and maintenance very easy.

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4-Sided Toggle Glazed Curtain Wall System

July 1, 2019

If you are looking to design a building with uninterrupted all-glass façades AND high thermal performance, Clearwall™ Curtain Wall is the solution. This 4-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) system* delivers this desired aesthetic for low-rise applications.

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