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Silflex lead alternative offers effective radiation protection wherever it is needed

Silflex lead alternative offers effective radiation protection wherever it is needed

Silflex is made up of a flexible tungsten impregnated silicone. Used for hot spots our alpha, beta, gamma and neutron shielding comes in a variety of custom shapes for use in many hard to shield applications. It is non-toxic, easy to work with and the lightest shielding available. 

Silflex products include sheets, tapes, flooring and are available as a custom mold. Engineering and drafting support is available for requests. Necessity is the mother of invention and new products such as our magnetic product line are being developed daily.


  • Reactor Face Shielding
  • Piping Hot Spots
  • Lead Blanket Replacement
  • Scaffold Shielding
  • Source Shielding Barriers


  • Non-toxic – no mixed waste
  • Superior shielding properties
  • Lightest shielding available
  • Approximately 4.5 lbs/ft2 of Silflex is equalto 10 lbs/ft2 of lead wool
  • .5” equal to an HVL and 1.2” to 2” equal to a TVL
  • Small pipe shielding – less than 1”
  • Fully customizable
  • Does not require re-sealing
  • Easy to work with – trim, cut, abrade, drill, punch
  • Highly resistant to physical abuse including puncture
  • Material can be cut using a knife or sharp scissors
  • Very good abrasion and tear resistance
  • Excellent conformability to wide variety of shapes
  • Highly resilient to boric acid and sodium hydroxide
  • Excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures
  • Operating temperature range -50oC to +250oC
  • Independent test reports available for a variety of isotopes
  • Several material blends available optimized to your requirements
  • Based on application, Silflex may be installed as a permanent solution for 40+ years

Silflex is Marshield’s lead alternative, highly customizable shielding silicone based product designed for radiation hot spots focused on ALARA principles

Download our Marshield Nuclear Products brochure here and feel free to call the Silflex engineering specialists at Marshield anytime for a consultation.

Company: MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company

Product: Non-Lead Alternative: Silflex


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