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2015 March

2015 March

Building code enforcement gets serious

March 30, 2015

Building codes are a great way to ensure architects and builders are using the best materials and techniques available to produce high-performance dwellings – at least, in theory. The truth is, structures often fall short of the regulations in place because builders look to cut corners, reduce cost and decrease construction time. When that happens, the buildings are at risk of costing the owners more than necessary, or much worse – becoming structurally unsafe. The problem is, it's difficult to enforce building codes. However, a few areas have made a concerted effort to hold contractors accountable for keeping up with building standards. They shouldn't need much convincing – high-performance buildings can generate a higher price point for the builder and also save the buyer money over time. It's a win-win situation.

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Design Meets Security: Launching New Revolutionary Access Control Barrier Series at ISC West

March 27, 2015

With people passing through all day long, the security of sensitive areas of buildings, as well as the personal safety of the people visiting, must be guaranteed. To meet this demand. Boon Edam has created a new range of security products to manage the flow of people in and throughout a building. Yet, a challenge remains: How to achieve a secure entrance environment while meeting the high aesthetic demands of today’s buildings?

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How to Choose the Right Type of Vinyl Replacement Windows

March 25, 2015

Are your old single pane metal framed or wood framed windows hard to operate and costing you a lot of money in excessive heating and cooling bills? If so the time is right to upgrade to a vinyl replacement window. The options and types of windows are varied. Here’s the answers to 5 frequently asked questions to guide you through the window selection process.

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Sunshades provide aesthetic appeal to the building exterior

March 23, 2015

Ruskin Sunshades offer energy savings by reducing solar heat gained through glazing. With a wide variety of available blade styles and configurations, they also provide aesthetic appeal to the building exterior. Ruskin Sunshade models include airfoil, louver, tube and eggcrate blade styles. Custom Sunshade designs are also available. Ruskin Sunshades are constructed of extruded and/or formed aluminum components for reduced weight and excellent corrosion resistance. All models are available with a variety of Kynar or Anodize finishes.

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Unique and secure bicycle storage

March 18, 2015

The R-7972 Bike Bollard features a slim, eclectic design free of protruding locking arms—suitable for dense urban areas. It balances the standard functionality of a pedestrian bollard, segregating vehicles from unobstructed foot traffic, while offering unique and secure bicycle storage. Cylindrical cavities pass through the vertical shaft to accommodate chains and U-locks to secure up to 2 bikes at a time. Cylindrical holes are angled to prevent collection of dust/debris and are spaced to accommodate bikes of varying sizes. R-7972 Bike Bollards can be installed with fixed or removable mountings in new or existing concrete. Bollards are powder coated in 1 of 6 standard colors.

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New product launched minutes ago! Central Park Conservancy

March 12, 2015

The Central Park Conservancy Recycling System combines high form and humble function. The leading design and branding firm Landor designed it as a custom solution for the non-profit Central Park Conservancy to advance environmental stewardship at the world’s most famous urban park. The three-unit system, first developed and produced by Landscape Forms Studio 431, has proven itself on the job, earned multiple design awards, and been adopted as a Landscape Forms standard product. Inspired by the classic 1930s Central Park bench, the vibrant design cleverly turns the hooped arms and seat slats of the original on end, re- envisioning them for a new purpose. Cast aluminum units are identical in size and shape, different in color and the size of top openings that identify receptacles for cans and bottles, paper, and waste. Designed by Landor Associates. U.S. Patent D712110, D709660, D705513.

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