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2018 January

2018 January

SUNGLAZE™ solid polycarbonate standing seam canopy system

January 31, 2018

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Linear motion track systems and how they help you

January 29, 2018

Linear track systems are making a big splash in residential and commercial applications. That’s because linear tracks bring movement to a bevy of creative applications, making environments more space-efficient and easier to handle.

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Translucent panel canopies allow for great design versatility

January 26, 2018

Translucent panel canopies from Major offer protection from sun, rain, snow - plus their light weight allows for great design versatility.

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Railing color: a hidden choice

January 24, 2018

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Color underfoot: new design possibilities with concrete

January 17, 2018

How colorful stains, dyes, marbling and effects can help you do more with exposed concrete flooring.

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Why access control systems will never be enough to protect your premises

January 11, 2018

Security systems have long been in the business of risk mitigation. In addition to controlling potentially perilous situations as they occur and dealing with them safely and efficiently, a security system and its operators need to be able to identify problem areas and use the systems at their disposal to prevent issues, when possible, before they even occur. A major source of risk for any facility—large or small, new or established—are the entrances and exits. Every facility has at least one entrance and an access control system alone cannot effectively mitigate the risk of unauthorized entry. Many buildings will have a number of different areas in their floorplan that require varying levels of security at the entrances to that area, even if it’s as simple as locking an office before the weekend.

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7 Things to Consider When Designing a Commercial Interior using Glass Walls

January 9, 2018

The debate still rages over whether closed or open office floor plans are better for productivity. Glass walls offer a compromise that makes the best of both worlds and provides a balance of collaboration and privacy that is ideal for many office set-ups. However, installing glass walls represents a significant investment, so before you commit to incorporating them into your workspace, check out these seven things to consider.

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From west to east with Howe Green access covers

January 4, 2018

Howe Green has supplied over 400 access covers to Tier 1 contractors working on Europe’s largest construction project – Crossrail. The new Elizabeth line will comprise 118 kilometres of track running through London and the South East and is set to reduce average journey times significantly. The Elizabeth line will open in December 2018 when services commence through central London. Tier 1 contractor Laing O’ Rourke has specified Howe Green access covers for Canary Wharf, Custom House and Tottenham Court Road stations.

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5 Cutting-edge ideas to use 3D textured designs in your home today

January 2, 2018

Texture adds interest to a home design. Love the look of these textured glass countertops in a kitchen. Check out 5 fun ideas here.

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