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Amager Resource Center

January 13, 2016

Photo courtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group
Photo courtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group

Kalwall ® translucent sandwich panels are the industry leaders in diffuse natural daylighting and energy efficiency, but that’s not what made them desirable for one of the highest profiled sustainable design projects in the world currently underway, the Amager Resource Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The explosion venting capabilities of Kalwall panels proved to be a practical solution for Amager. The energy-from-waste plant is a transformative project in the movement of energy production and urban design, and the 79 Kalwall panels are part of the distinct checkerboard grid exterior on the sides of the 300-plus foot tall building.

Kalwall panels are recognized globally for providing museum-quality daylighting™ and superior thermal performance. In addition to delivering glare-free, diffuse daylight deeper and more evenly into spaces, Kalwall panels and wall systems are rugged, flexible and offer specialty applications such as explosion venting.

Explosion venting panels are used in areas of buildings where a potentially volatile event could occur. The panels work to vent pressure out of the building, allowing it to withstand an explosion without collapsing roofs or floors. They are designed to release from their mounting system, but remain attached to the side of the building to avoid becoming falling debris.

What makes the Amager design of the Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG (the world-renowned architecture firm based out of Copenhagen and New York) most notable is the innovative use of space. The outside of the structure will be used for recreational purposes, including a ski slope and climbing wall that scales one side of the building. In addition to keeping the building from collapsing in the event of a blast, Kalwall explosion venting panels were incorporated to ensure the safety of the recreational users.

Working through Sipral, a leading supplier of external building envelopes based out of Prague, the panels were delivered on schedule and required no on-site modifications.

“We were honored to be included in such a project,” says Amy Keller, vice president of international sales for Kalwall. “This BIG- Bjarke Ingels Group project is inspiring and visionary in the world of architecture and urban design.”

The Amager Resource Center will produce heat for approximately 160,000 households and electricity for 62,500 homes. The facility covers just over 1 million square feet and will annually process 400,000 tons of commercial, industrial and residential waste.

The project is expected to be completed in late 2016 or early 2017.

Company: Kalwall Corporation



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