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Combating Water Loss and Improving Water Management Infrastructure

March 26, 2021

Combating Water Loss and Improving Water Management Infrastructure

Water is our planet’s most precious resource. However, due to climate change more volatile weather patterns, ensuring a reliable water supply is becoming increasingly difficult in many regions around the world. Therefore, preventing further loss of water in the global water infrastructure is of utmost importance.

Water loss also has severe financial impacts on water facility operators. In the United States the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the annual volume of water loss through distribution systems at 1.7 trillion gallons (6.4 trillion liters).

Moreover, rising global water scarcity is putting pressures on governments to increase their spending on rehabilitating and expanding water and wastewater treatment facilities.

One of the objectives is to increase the effectiveness of water supply and storage systems and water treatment facilities to help reduce water loss caused by faulty infrastructure – in both existing and new facilities.

Water loss in concrete structures occurs as a result of cracks, pores and capillaries, which render concrete permeable. In addition, poor workmanship and the penetration of chemicals and corrosive agents can contribute to further increases in concrete permeability.

Penetron effectively seals microcracks, pores and capillaries in concrete. Once sealed, the concrete matrix becomes a self-healing barrier that is impermeable to water.

Penetron solutions can be applied to new and existing structures to completely restore and seal leaking concrete or waterproof previously untreated, existing concrete surfaces. New concrete is treated with Penetron Admix, a unique durability admixture, that has been proven to extend the service life of concrete in critical environments by up to 60 years or more.

Due to the substantial cost of maintaining and rebuilding conventional concrete-built water networks an increasing number of operators and municipalities are looking for smart, sustainable and economic solutions to protect their investments in the long run.

One solution to this problem is the specification of self-healing concrete structures.

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