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Daylighting Design Guide: Athletic Facilities

November 29, 2019

Daylighting Design Guide: Athletic Facilities

Belief in the sun’s power to influence physical performance dates back to the first Olympic athletes of ancient Greece who were required to routinely bathe in the sunlight in preparation for competition; and as more studies on the subject emerge, it is becoming increasingly evident how based in fact this belief really is. Recent research has now confirmed the sun’s role in everything from reducing the risk of sports-related injuries and regulating the release of muscle-building hormones like testosterone to developing healthy sleep habits and improving reflexes. And as more athletic competitions move to indoor gymnasiums, arenas, and practice facilities, it is more important than ever that athletes have access to the abundant advantages of natural daylight during indoor workouts as well.

Bringing diffused daylight into athletic facilities not only contributes to the health and physical performance of the athletes, but also improves the viewer experience by illuminating the playing area in soft, even light. With translucent daylighting systems, fans can enjoy the game without the glare or hot spots that often accompany standard glass systems. Click HERE for more information on how translucent daylighting can benefit athletes, make a positive statement on attendees, reduce operational costs, and more!

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