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Spacing bike storage racks

March 23, 2020

Maximizing your bike parking or bike storage space doesn't have to be complicated. Check out this new video on spacing recommendations so you can make the most of your bicycle storage! 

Correctly space bike storage racks

One of the most important pieces of a good bike storage plan is correctly spacing bike storage racks. First and foremost, you need to make sure racks are placed with enough spacing between each rack. Second, you need to ensure there is proper room for storing the bicycle and an aisle beyond the rack. Otherwise the rack could become unusable. Let's go over bike storage space recommendations in more detail for the different types of bike storage racks.

Spacing bike storage racks

Spacing for Ground Bike Racks

When laying out ground bike racks, start by setting the leg of the bike rack back from the wall a recommended 36 inches or minimally, 24 inches. This provides enough room beyond the bike rack, for the frame of the bicycle to rest against the bike rack.

There should also be a recommended 36 inches or minimally 24 inches of clearance on the side of the bike rack. Any less and there will not be enough space to park a bicycle on that side of the rack. This would reduce the number of spots to store bicycles.

Racks should then be 48 inches recommended, 36 inches minimum, from one another. This is enough room for bicycles to maneuver into the bike parking spot, while also allowing a user to lock/unlock their bicycle from the side.

There also needs to be a minimum of 48 inches, 60 inches recommended, of aisle space beyond the tire of a parked bicycle. This would be measured to the tire of another bicycle or a wall, depending on your layout.

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