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Specialty systems improve on standing architecture

November 27, 2015

Specialty systems improve on standing architecture

There are several types of specialty systems crafted to meet the specific style of architecture featured on your build. Different types of structures can necessitate a unique approach, and Sto Corp takes this to the next level by treating every enclosure and substrate a little differently. Here are some examples:

Building substrates
Winter is approaching, and if you're expecting cold, you can often anticipate higher energy bills. One way to prepare for this is through better insulation. Giving your walls the best insulation is a great way to retain warmth in your house and to reduce your heating bills. Sto's Insulated Concrete Form Finish Systems use reinforcing mesh in the wall's base coat, ensuring standard-impact resistance and superior protection for your walls.

On the flip side, if what you need is better circulation, look no further than Sto's Aerated Autoclave Concrete Finish System. Whether your home features brick, stucco, vinyl or other types of material, it is important to find the right substrate to complement  the material you're working with.The best decorative and resistant cladding is quick, is easy to install and produces a moisture barrier you can count on.

Interior finishes
Sometimes houses need more interior protection. Without proper inserts, the fumes and moisture from your bathroom can cause problems on the surrounding walls. Home Advisor warned that unchecked moisture can mean mold, mildew and warped wood. Don't spend all that money on repairing and remodeling your bathroom when you can use StoQuik® Gold Soffit. This is a direct-applied exterior finish system that features five layers of protection for use on weather-protected walls, ceilings and soffits. 

When constructing an indoor pool for a home or a commercial building, the surrounding walls and ceilings need to accommodate the pool chemicals. If they don't, you might have a problem on your hands. Tim O'Neil, operations manager of Downes Swimming Pool Co. in Chicago, told Aqua Magazine that pool builders have to factor in architecture when developing a new installation. If vapor barriers aren't used correctly, the surrounding walls will suffer, he stated. Using Sto's Interior Finish System for Pool Rooms, we design a proper resistant enclosure that matches your aesthetic choices while anticipating humidity, chlorine and other chemicals. 

Building enclosure
Anyone who lives near the coastline has to be mindful of tropical storm winds. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a major hurricane can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. If you want to best prepare your home for the impacts of the weather, take advantage of StoTherm® Hurricane Impact Systems. Our exterior cladding meets the most stringent standards and is perfect for protecting homes from debris and water intrusion. 

Investing in these specialty systems can improve standing architecture, while being proactive on combating the elements can save you money by preventing damage and exposure. Head to this page to learn more about how Sto's specialty systems are right for you.

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