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Stainless steel round cable railing stands out

February 4, 2022

Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing - Bellevue, WA
Stainless Steel Round Cable Railing - Bellevue, WA

System & Shape Top Rail Mounting Style Fitting Hardware
CableView™ Stainless Round Customer-Supplied Deck Mounted Posts Field Swaged Assemblies

Features & Benefits:

  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel is strong and resilient, for a long-lasting railing.
  • Low-maintenance and resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for coastal areas and other harsh environments.
  • Brushed finish enhances the natural luster of stainless steel.
  • Posts attach directly to customer top rail.
  • Round post shape is softer and less visually obtrusive than square.
  • Field assemblies have a low-profile look with no bulky turnbuckle.

Materials you'll Need for this Railing System


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Product: CableView® Stainless Steel Cable & End Fittings




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