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Starlings can be a Costly Nuisance, learn the facts on how to keep them away from your buildings

June 13, 2016

Starlings can be a Costly Nuisance, learn the facts on how to keep them away from your buildings

Spring is when huge flocks of these birds come looking for nesting sites, food and water. Most buildings provide everything these birds need for survival and nesting. Sprinkler systems create water puddles, open trash containers provide food, and rooftops offer all sorts of nooks and crannies for starlings to nest.

Act Now to Prevent Costly Damage

Don't let starlings settle in and make a mess of your building

Once starlings have settled in, they can damage and deface many areas of a building. Their huge flocks can rain down massive amounts of droppings, which are unsightly and affect the image of your business. Employees and visitors could slip on bird droppings and become injured. Bird droppings at this volume can also affect AC units, vents, lighting and even solar panel efficiency. If your business stores, processes or serves food, bird droppings can become a major issue because droppings can carry diseases. Starlings nesting in rain gutters can clog the gutters, causing roof leaks.

Fortunately, the bird control pros at Bird B Gone have a number of ways to keep small birds off buildings.

Starling Facts: Download the guide now.

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