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StonePly lightweight natural stone panels

December 21, 2018

StonePly for interior of Atlantis Resort
StonePly for interior of Atlantis Resort

StonePly is the world's leading producer of lightweight natural stone panels. We provide natural stone that is lighter, stronger, faster to install and offers greater design freedom.

Real Stone

  • Beautiful, natural stone can now be used anywhere
  • Incredible selection of stones from countries around the world
  • Make it unique with a custom finish

Real Strong

  • 60 times the impact strength of solid stone panels
  • Tested at wind speeds of over 300 miles per hour
  • Blast resistant when used as the exterior building envelope
  • Earthquake resistant stone panels that flex without breaking

Real Thin

  • StonePly weighs 80% less than solid stone panels
  • Typically only an inch thick
  • More room for insulation and floor space

StonePly Applications

Applications of Honeycomb-Backed Natural Stone Panels

Amazingly thin panels constructed of natural stone with reinforced aluminum honeycomb backing material, StonePly HC Stone Panels are your best bet for different cladding applications that require thin, lightweight, and high-quality solutions. With sixty times the impact strength of a three-centimeter granite, plus the beauty and elegance of natural stones like limestone, marble, granite, onyx, and travertine, StonePly HC Stone Panels make cladding applications easier and superb.

Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls

StonePly cladding not only looks great, it can go over existing construction, and can even act as a blast shield. Learn more about our curtain wall system.



Find beautiful, lightweight, and quality natural stone room partitions at StonePly. Get specifications for our stone bathroom partitions and materials here.

Elevator Interiors and Flooring

Elevator Interiors

StonePly allows real, natural stone to be used where before it would have been impractical. Read more about how StonePly panels transform elevator interiors. StonePly curtain walls not only add exquisite facade to storefronts but also durability in a snap. See our quick installation guide and other advantages here.


StonePly is resilient to foot traffic and can be used for elevator floors, dance floors, and more. Learn why StonePly is the best choice for your project.

Water Walls and Fountains

StonePly is a water-impermeable substrate where thin stone is adhered to an aluminum backing. Learn why StonePly does not shy away from water applications.

Company: StonePly Co.

Product: StonePly Curtain Walls




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