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There’s a new trend in the mailbox industry...

May 6, 2015

It’s called the Cluster Box Unit (or CBU). As you can see from the picture above, a USPS approved CBU has several mailboxes in one unit. So why the change? Installing CBU has many benefits for all parties involved.

There’s a new trend in the mailbox industry...

Post Office:

The Post Office benefits because delivering to one CBU rather than several traditional (individual) curbside mailboxes saves the carriers both time and fuel. Most CBU units have between 8-20 mailboxes in one unit.

Builders & Developers:

Builders and Developers benefit in their pocketbooks. Most of the time, the “cost per mailbox” is much cheaper than installing the typical curbside mailbox and post unit. Installers of CBU’s like Estes Designs can pass along savings to the builders and developers because they only have to make one trip to the site to install one unit that serves several homes.


The homeowner benefits from using the CBUs because it is one less thing they have to maintain, repair, replace or mow around in their front yard.

CBUs are made out of corrosive resistant aluminum with a beautiful and durable powder coated finish. These are designed to last for many years. Typical mailbox units require regular maintenance (e.g. painting, etc.) whereas the CBUs are virtually maintenance free.

Estes Designs is a proud authorized dealer of Florence Manufacturing Cluster Box Units. Call Estes today at (317) 899-5556 to discuss how you community can benefit from installing CBUs.

Company: Florence Corporation

Product: Cluster Box Units



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