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What are Downspout Planters?

August 19, 2022

What are Downspout Planters?

Downspout Planters

Downspout planters are decorative planters specially designed to absorb and filter stormwater before it enters stormwater management or sewer. They are typically installed along or at the end of the downspout to capture the water. They remove pollutants through filtration by plants while adding aesthetic appeal and providing habitat to wildlife. The best part of the downspout planter is that they do not require a lot of space, which is perfect for urban areas, where space is limited. TerraCast® Planters are ideal for filtering stormwater because they are not affected by water, whereas some material requires a waterproof liner inside the container to avoid rust, corrosion, or rot.

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How to Build a Downspout Planter?

Choosing a planter is the first step in building a downspout planter. You can create a downspout planter out of any sizable container, however, it is highly recommended to select the material that is resistant to water. The planter size can vary based on the amount of roof runoff to collect. You can calculate the size of your rooftop and determine the type of diverter technique that is suitable for your project, which will allow you to limit the flow of roof runoff to the planter and minimizes overflow.


TerraCast® resin planters are not affected by water and are durable and maintenance-free, which makes them the perfect option for creating downspout planters. They allow for better flexibility because they do not come with pre-drilled drainage holes, allowing for an easy adjustment onsite.

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Benefits of TerraCast® Downspout Planters

  • Provide Water Quality Treatment
  • Reduce Total Runoff Volume
  • Improve Site Landscaping
  • Increase Groundwater Recharge Through Infiltration
  • Excellent for Areas With Limited Spaces
  • Provides Wildlife Habitat
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation


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