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Ceiling tiles - what you need to know before you buy

March 23, 2018

In this video we are talking about Ceiling Tiles. Installation methods, styles, materials, colors, and sizes. Everything you’ll need to know in order to select your perfect ceiling tiles.

What is a ceiling tile

Modern decorative ceiling tiles have become very popular. They enhance the look of your room and can get your space to match your desired look and style. Ceiling tiles are easy to install and most likely you can even do it yourself with some basic tools like scissors and adhesive. Saving hundreds or even thousands on installation costs.

Installation methods

There’s three main installation methods that include Drop In, Glue Up, and Nail Up. Depending on your current ceiling you can choose an installation method that works best for you. There is a right tile for every ceiling.


There’s a big array of ceiling tiles that come in many different styles, and there’s a tile that can match your room’s decor to enhance the look.


When it comes to Ceiling Tiles you have several materials to choose. From Aluminum and Tin to Foam or PVC, with other great material options available. You can choose Ceiling Tiles that are water resistant, fire rated, durable, or lightweight. When choosing your ceiling tiles, you’ll want a tile you can handle and install with confidence.


Ceiling Tiles come in an assortment of colors depending on the specific tile you are considering. Most likely you can find a tile that matches your color requirements. If you don’t, there’s no need to worry. You can also paint some ceiling tiles to match your needs.


Most ceiling tiles come in a few standard sizes varying from 16x16 inches to 24x48 inches. With the 24x24 inches being the most popular size since it falls right into existing drop in ceilings. They are easy to customize in size. Using basic cutting tools like scissors or razor knife you can make your installation process quick and easy to customize for your size.


When installing new ceiling tiles is important to take into consideration additional materials you may require in order to complete your project. Utilizing the right adhesive will ensure your tiles stay in place for years to come without damaging the tiles. Once you have installed your ceiling tiles you can use crown molding or grid strips to finalize your new ceiling’s look.

There is a right tile for every ceiling. Knowing what to look for will let you buy and install that tile with pride and confidence.

How to buy and from where?
Decorative Ceiling Tiles has been specializing in ceiling tiles for more since 2008. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you select the right ceiling tiles for your project. We offer a great selection of ceiling tiles at competitive prices with nationwide shipping right to your door. Visit right now and use our project estimator tool to determine how many tiles your project will require.

Company: Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.




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