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Improving Ballistic Resistance for Enhanced Government Security

November 8, 2021

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Government buildings and agencies are an integral part of society, but unfortunately, they can also be dangerous places to work. Having a role in the public eye can draw the attention of domestic terrorists or other criminals.

In January 2021, the United States Capitol was stormed by a group of people seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election. Over 138 people were injured during this attack, highlighting the need for more rigorous and secure safety measures in government buildings.

Adding materials for ballistic resistance serves as an extra level of defense for government security, protecting the people inside the buildings. This blog post will serve as an insight into how ballistic resistance is used to enhance government security.

Improving Ballistic Resistance for Enhanced Government Security

Bulletproof Windows for Government Security

Bulletproof windows offer government buildings the utmost security for any potential attack or security threat. Bulletproof windows from Armortex offer safety for personnel whilst still providing absolute optical clarity and do not compromise the overall look of the setting.

Doors for Enhanced Ballistic Resistance

Bullet & Blast-proof doors are an excellent means of enhancing government security in buildings. These hollow metal doors are designed and manufactured in a way that can capture and retain incoming projectiles. Bullet resistant doors from Armortex are tested to the highest standard of security with further considerations for mitigating the dangers of ricochets and lateral penetrations.

These ballistic resistance solutions can be customized to suit exacting specifications, without looking intimidating. Our doors maintain the aesthetic of the building they are installed in, without imposing an overly militaristic look.

Using Fiberglass for Ballistic Resistance in Government Security

Fiberglass for enhanced ballistic resistance offers a high level of security in government buildings. Composite panels are made from fiberglass by Armortex, using ballistic-grade fiberglass. This means that the ballistic resistance of the panels is extremely high and available in a range of lengths and widths.

The fiberglass panels are created via hot-pressing, forming large-area sheets from ballistic grade textiles. This method allows for several cost-saving benefits, especially when compared to armor plating made from other materials such as steel and ceramic.

At Armortex, we offer ballistic resistance products for upholding government security that is fit for purpose. Our solutions are of the utmost quality whilst maintaining the overall look and charm of government and municipal buildings.

If you’d like to find out more about how our products can enhance government security, get in touch with us today.

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