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In Plant Office Applications

June 12, 2019

In Plant Office 0021-C
In Plant Office 0021-C

An in plant office, also known as a modular inplant office, is designed with standard features and dimensions for ease in procurement and flexibility of use. Par-Kut modular in plant offices are factory-assembled, of durable welded steel and ship complete with roof and floor, installed walls, windows, doors, and NEC compliant electrical systems. Pre-assembled inplant offices range in size from 5′ x 8′ to 12′ x 32′.

In Plant Office 15-254

In Plant Office 15-254

Common in-plant office applications include: control booth, sound control room, scale house, loading rack booth, dredge cabs, crane cab, dock control offices, operator shelter, control pulpit, meeting space, lunch and break rooms, supervisory offices, safe haven shelters, and environmental shelters. In plant office options include insulated glass, swing doors, acoustical tile ceilings, VCT or rubber tile floors, built in counter-tops and more electrical outlets. Additionally, break resistant windows, stainless steel wall panels and thicker wall/frame construction are all available upon request.

In Plant Office X11-166/ STR3020

In Plant Office X11-166/ STR3020

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Company: Par-Kut International, Inc.

Product: Modular In Plant Offices




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