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Self-watering planter reservoirs

May 10, 2019

Self-watering planter reservoirs

Self Watering System

TerraCast® Products cares about the environment and supports green practices! Our line of planters are available with self watering reservoirs. Minimize the amount of water waste by utilizing our self watering system! Reduce your watering cycles from days to weeks. Our self watering system is made in the USA from the same durable and long lasting resin material our planters are made of. Keep your flowers beautifully bloomed, not over-watered and damaged. Browse Self Watering Systems >

How Does It Work?

The TerraCast® Self Watering System reduces watering cycles without sacrificing critical planter volume. The reservoir allows the flexibility to adjust the height to short reaching flower beds to longer growing roots. No need for unsightly irrigation lines. Over-watering on the top can damage fragile flowers and other thin stemmed plantings. Our reservoir is designed in a way the plants can get the moisture they need efficiently and harmlessly. Any existing planters can transform into self watering planters with TerraCast® Self Watering Systems!

Easy Installation

Our self watering reservoir can be installed in five easy steps!

  1. Place layer of gravel in the planter
  2. Place self watering reservoir over gravel
  3. Secure fill tube with PVC adhesive
  4. Place soil and plants
  5. Replenish water

Benefits of Self Watering Planters

  • Save Water
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Prevent Water Evaporation at Top
  • Healthy Root Growth
  • Retains Nutrients
  • Water Plants Efficiently and Harmlessly

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