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T-Flex® – A Non-Lead Shielding Alternative

May 6, 2019

T-Flex® – A Non-Lead Shielding Alternative

The T-Flex® Shielding range is a line of new radioactive shielding materials that will save you time and reduce installation frustration!

No longer compromise on shielding effectiveness when protecting those difficult to access areas. T-Flex® Shielding is the industry’s preferred non-leaded shielding alternative. It provides maximum shielding effectiveness while still keeping the weight to a minimum, allowing you to reach your advanced ALARA program goals.

Flexible & Customizable

With the flexibility and customizable quality of this innovative new product, you can protect areas such as small bore pipes, elbows and valves with ease. Additionally, it comes in an array of formats including blankets, ribbon wraps, pipe shields, floor tiles, magnetic tiles and a multitude of molded flexible or rigid shapes. Not only this, but we offer Tungsten, Bismuth and Iron attenuating materials for your specific requirements.

Efficient Installation

Increased efficiency improves both time and cost savings to advance your company’s competitive edge. Spend less time installing this product with the “slip-over-the component” feature and integral fasteners and/or magnets. Work within any space with its capability to mold it to any shape and easily cut it for specific adjustments. These features allow you to provide shielding close to the source, no matter the space.

T-Flex® Products

T-Flex® is rated for continuous use up to 350°F/176°C and comes in a variety of formats as well as customizable options for your specific requirements:

  • Ribbon Wrap
  • Floors
  • Pipes
  • Magnetic
  • Laboratory
  • Dry Cask
  • Blankets
  • Custom

T-Flex® – A Non-Lead Shielding Alternative

Get a Quote

Learn more about each of these products on our website to find out which work best for your requirements then obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

MarShield have over 38 years of expertise and continues to lead the field in manufacturing, custom design, and innovation of leaded and lead alternative shielding solutions. To discover more about our custom radiation shielding products contact the MarShield team at or (800) 381-5335.

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Company: MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company

Product: T-Flex® Tungsten Shielding




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