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Wind-driven rain resistant stationary louvers

October 8, 2018

Wind-driven rain resistant stationary louvers

Louver and architectural solutions

While providing fresh air intake and exhaust, Ruskin Louvers can also provide architectural style to building design. With the variety of models, sizes, and paint finishes available, Ruskin Louvers can add unusual and appealing features to exterior and interior elevation. Ruskin louvers are available in depths ranging from 1.5" to 12", and can accommodate various blade angles with high free area.

Stationary louvers

Stationary louvers are commonly seen in applications that require intake and exhaust ventilation. Of all of the louver sub categories, stationary louvers are the most common ones used and have the largest breadth of models. Stationary louvers are both drainable and non-drainable, provide protection for water infiltration, and wind-driven rain. Non-drainable models are commonly sought after for projects with an emphasis on architectural aesthetics while drainable models perform better in guiding moisture away from the area behind the louver.

Wind-driven rain louvers

Wind-driven rain louvers provide the maximum amount of protection in keeping wind-driven rain from egressing past an opening. Wind-driven rain louver models have both horizontal and vertical orientations and utilize a chevron style rain resistant blade that rejects horizontal rain as it comes in contact with the louver. These louvers are tested per AMCA 500-L at wind velocities of 29 and 50 miles per hour. Based on the results of the testing, the louvers are then graded from A to D, with A being the best performance at 99% effective or better at repelling wind-driven rain, B being 98.9% to 95% effective, C being 94.9% to 80% effective, and D being below 80% effective. Additionally, some wind-driven rain models have also been tested for impact and qualify as louvers that can be installed in states like Florida where hurricane conditions exist.

The EME745 wind-driven rain resistant stationary louver is 7" deep and features a continuous blade, two component design. It features:

  • 49% Free Area (48" x 48" size)
  • A two component design that allows continuous blade appearance while providing wind driven rain resistance
  • Good pressure drop performance
  • Aluminum construction for low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion

Company: Ruskin

Product: Louvers




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