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Top 5 – Reasons to Incorporate Translucent Daylighting in Your Athletic Facility Design

July 27, 2022

Top 5 – Reasons to Incorporate Translucent Daylighting in Your Athletic Facility Design

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Natural light plays a major role in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, and it is important that athletes whose performance relies heavily on their mind and body maintaining that rhythm get enough of it. However, not all environments are suitable for hosting outdoor practices and competitions. Some sports are also best played in a controlled indoor space. In these circumstances, translucent daylighting systems can help provide athletes with plenty of natural light during their indoor workouts in a way that is both practical and visually pleasing. Here are five reasons to incorporate translucent daylighting into your athletic facility design:

1: Translucent daylighting is energy efficient

From early morning practices to late night games, many athletic facilities operate at nearly all hours of the day. Artificial lighting makes these extended hours possible, but it also consumes a lot of energy. Translucent daylighting helps reduce the facility’s reliance on artificial lighting by taking advantage natural light during peak sunlight hours. Translucent daylighting also decreases solar heat gain, and therefore, HVAC usage. This can lower utility bills while also supporting sustainability goals (click HERE to read more about Kingspan’s Planet Passionate initiatives).

2: Translucent daylighting reduces glare

Whether it’s on the water’s surface in an aquatic facility or the gymnasium floor in a school fieldhouse, glare can greatly influence the experience of both athletes and spectators using the facility. Uncontrolled glare can impair a person’s vision, causing possible eye strain and headaches; and in athletic facilities where the athletes and those who came to watch are trying to focus visually, this can be a major annoyance and source of discomfort. Translucent daylight diffuses incoming daylight to reduce glare and hot spots and illuminate the space in soft, visually relaxing light.

3. Translucent daylighting protects privacy

There are circumstances when a coach may prefer practice to remain private. Translucent daylighting allows teams to focus on their drills without onlookers watching them from outside the building. Athletes can preserve their privacy while still enjoying the day’s natural light.

4. Translucent daylighting is impact resistant

Translucent daylighting systems made with polycarbonate or fiberglass panels are impact resistant and can withstand an errant fly ball or other unpredictable impact.

5. Translucent daylighting provides creative opportunities

One of the best ways to demonstrate team pride is with team colors. Whether backlighting the system from the inside with colored light or incorporating colorful glazing, translucent daylighting systems present a unique opportunity to create an eye-catching visual while also showing some team spirit. In addition to the many colorful possibilities it provides, translucent daylighting can also incorporate graphics, patterns, and signage that can contribute to an athletic facility’s aesthetic goals.

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