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Product Spotlight: ViuLite® Integrated Blinds

July 6, 2022

Product Spotlight: ViuLite® Integrated Blinds

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If you love the look and utility of Venetian blinds but can’t stand cleaning them or dealing with damaged slats, check out Unicel Architectural’s ViuLite® integrated blinds.

ViuLite® is a system of ScreenLine® integrated blinds permanently and hermetically sealed within a double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit. ViuLite® ensures protection against dirt, germs, weather conditions, and damage, while offering an aesthetically pleasing design element that provides enhanced solar shading and variable vision control.

That means perfectly aligned, dust-free blinds easily controlled through any number of operators, from ligature-resistant knobs, to sliders, to external or internal motorized systems. ViuLite® units can include tempered, Low-E (low emissivity), fire-rated, security, mirror/tint, glass-clad polycarbonate, standard polycarbonate, and other glass types.

All surfaces and operators on ViuLite® blinds are protected with Sanitized® patented antibacterial treatment, which uses silver ions as an active biocidal substance and protects against bacteria and odor.

ViuLite® is a past winner of Architectural Record’s Product of the Year Award. Its various aluminum framing systems, glass stops, and door trim kit options make ViuLite® perfect for interior or exterior partitions, sidelights, doors, transoms, windows and curtain walls.

System Features

  • Available in double- or triple-glazed units
  • Warm-edge spacers deliver enhanced energy efficiency
  • Argon-filled airspace between panes can improve U-values by up to 25 percent
  • ½” blinds customizable with your choice of standard and non-standard colors
  • 27/32” (21.4mm) airspace to fit into tighter glass pocket depths
  • SL20A/SL20C/SL20P/SL20B/SL20S/SL20M models available
  • ADA compliant operators available

Key Benefits

  • Warm-edge spacers deliver enhanced energy efficiency
  • Enhanced solar shading features blocks unwanted glare, heat, and harmful UV rays
  • No cleaning or maintenance require
  • Blinds can be tilted and raised (tilt-only blinds are also available)

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Company: UNICEL Architectural Corp.

Product: ViuLite™




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